Martin Schulte

Public Health

  1. What policies would you support to increase the availability of mental health personnel and services in rural and underserved parts of the state where COVID-19 has exacerbated widespread stress and anxiety? 
    I support the availability of telehealth for mental services.


  1. How would you make programs and funding in the next Farm Bill science-based? 
    Over 75% of the current Farm Bill funds SNAP. Tackling the causes of higher enrollments must be a focus of this Congress and then we can target increases in science-based funding and programs.

Environment & Energy

  1. What role should renewable sources of energy play for energy consumption in Missouri? 
    I believe that we strive for the use of renewable energy through a free market that eventually phases out non-renewables.

STEM Education and Workforce Development

  1. What advisory mechanism would you implement to ensure that scientific findings are a critical voice in your policy-making process? 
    There are already mechanisms in place through Advisory Councils at the federal, state, and local levels, academic researchers, and industry professionals. I do not prefer one over the other and sound scientific findings and advice are always welcome.
  2. Science and technology are increasingly key economic components. What policies would you support or introduce to make such industries a greater part of Missouri’s economy and ensure workers are prepared for jobs in this sector? 
    The federal budget already allows for grants to business for many areas of STEM. It is up to the state and local government to encourage the creation and provide for growth in the industry.
  3. In an age dominated by complex science and technology, how can we ensure that students receive adequate STEM education? 
    Funding programs, that immerse young students into STEM education, will provide earlier assessment opportunities between teachers and students in the public sphere.

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